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Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness


Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness


In this new, third edition of her award-winning book, Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, Dr. Beth Hedva combines best-practices in psychology with cross-cultural initiation rites and ancient mystery traditions to provide techniques for life-renewal and healing from betrayal wounds. Whether your lover let you down, your co-worker stabbed you in the back, or your life has been shattered by global events, you can get past the pain of betrayal and build a new life based on truth and Self-trust. Includes practical, step-by-step exercises to help readers apply Dr. Hedva's unique approach to turning challenges into growth experiences.


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See what people are saying!  "I just NEEDED to reach out and let you know that I 'accidently' came upon a signed copy of your book ... went home and was instantly riveted ... on 2nd reading ... the emotional freedom this work has loosened from the 'bands around my heart' ... HUGE!!!
and perfect perfect timing!!!

What a gift you are ... what a beautiful book ... I shall place it beside Women Who Run with Wolves ... as powerful!!!"--Brenda Joy