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Wynword Press loves deep literature!   We focus on a few, high-quality titles rather than diffusing our efforts across many titles.  Each title is a book we truly believe in...each of our books has something to offer in addition to a good read.  Whether it's from a best-selling author or a relative unknown, you'll find something here to inspire you, grow you and entertain you.

Imogen Aldridge has been a writer at heart and in practice all of her life. This is evident to anyone who reads her stories.  For 20 years, more or less, Imogen has resided in Northern Idaho on 15 acres of secluded beauty.  Her residence has broadened in the last couple of years, to include sun chasing in the winter with her RV accompanied by co-pilot Mason and new comer-- Shadow.  For an introvert, Imogen lives an expansive life of discovery in the parks and back country in the best areas of the USA. Imogen is now a resident of sunny weather. Imogen has had a life rich in experiences that brought her profound understanding of strife, loss,toil, and accomplishment from hard work. Also the inner peace that comes with acceptance and deep faith. Working for a fortune 500 company, raising a son as a single mom, building her home, first a canvas yurt and then graduating to a larger version made of wood, She never gave up on moving forward, no matter the obstacles. Imogen has lived her life authentically, sometimes to her detriment from the scorn of the judgements of others.  But like wine, this life full of deep thought, honesty and following through with what she desired, her writing has borne fruit of good, deep and entertaining books. More to come, in regards to books...and for now, enjoy Imogen's Blog, Imogen the Vagabond Tourist.