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Wynword Press loves deep literature!   We focus on a few, high-quality titles rather than diffusing our efforts across many titles.  Each title is a book we truly believe in...each of our books has something to offer in addition to a good read.  Whether it's from a best-selling author or a relative unknown, you'll find something here to inspire you, grow you and entertain you.

Fall 2017

We departed from Sandpoint, ID on October 3rd. In addition to my two large dogs, I am now traveling with 3 cats as well. I really didn’t think the hair situation could get any worse, but I was wrong. 

We were on our way to Boise and decided to take the scenic route through Oregon to see Hell’s Canyon. It took us a few days to accomplish this because the roads are so mountainous that we averaged maybe 25 MPH. Here is the area we were traveling through.