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Parker Canyon/AZ 83

After our fabulous scenic trek down highway 79, we stopped in Tucson to perform dreary tasks such as getting trike repairs and buying groceries. This took up two interminable days and one night in the Walmart parking lot (thank you, Walmart!!), after which we spent the night by the side of the road going to the Tucson Speedway. More Dangerous Encounters of the Cholla variety. We were so hemmed in by them that I feared they would engulf us like the Huorns in Lord of the Rings and leave nothing but a mound of bare stones.

Then we camped on national forest service land south of Sonoita, on the road to Parker Canyon Lake (AZ 83), where we kicked back for a couple of days and tried to recover from Tucson. We parked under a tree, and aside from a few miles of trike riding, did nothing but enjoy the view. 

These clouds just magically appeared one afternoon, and as magically vanished about 20 minutes later. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like them.

While we received no visits during our stay, there were some indications that we had neighbors.