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Poor me!

I am trying to drum up sympathy for myself by showing you what kind of hell-hole I live in during the three or four months I am not living on the road. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

We are on my driveway looking toward the draw that runs through the property. The draw is where all the birches and aspens are; the remainder of the property is various types of conifers. In the Fall, aspens turn this ethereal gold color that is utterly gorgeous. This year hasn’t been one of the best for Fall color, but even so, it’s still pretty wonderful.

These trees are on the edge of the field that borders the draw.

Here is fog creeping over the mountains looking northwest from the highway to town.

In the Fall, the mountains are dotted with what appear to be dying conifers…but they are actually Tamaracks (aka Western Larch), a deciduous conifer. This is a crappy shot of a tamarack across the street from the foot of my driveway.