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Wynword Press loves deep literature!   We focus on a few, high-quality titles rather than diffusing our efforts across many titles.  Each title is a book we truly believe in...each of our books has something to offer in addition to a good read.  Whether it's from a best-selling author or a relative unknown, you'll find something here to inspire you, grow you and entertain you.

Nowhere in particular, north of Miami, AZ

Round about March it started getting beastly hot in Yuma. We toughed it out for a couple more weeks, and finally left for higher elevations in April. Here is a view from my front yard in the National Forest on AZ 288 north of Miami. You can see Lake Roosevelt in the distance.


The cacti are starting to bloom up here

Here is most of my menagerie going for a walk. The cats follow me around meowing like lunatics.