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Farewell Bend

We left in October this year, and, with our usual lightning speed, travelled the 450 miles to Boise in three days.  We stayed at the Farewell Bend state park on the Snake river near Ontario, ID. Or Is it in Ontario, Oregon? 

The most interesting thing about Ontario is that it is the home of the Ore-Ida potato factory, where they synthesize potatoes and chip them up into little flakes to make boxed mash potatoes, etc. We ‘toured’ this factory, with great interest, from the freeway as we raced past at 55 mph. That was enough of the Ore-Ida potato factory. 

As a side note, Ore-Ida potato flakes make excellent ‘snow’ on the Christmas tree.  You can mix them with water if you want them to stick to the branches.

Farewell Bend is quite nice, and we stayed there for three days.