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KOFA National Wildlife Refuge

After hanging out lazily in front of Joshua Tree National Park for a few days, we scampered off to our next camping spot just outside the borders of the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. What a fabulous place to camp! Acres of ‘desert pavement’, mountains, a lush kind of desert landscape, and best of all, Saguaro cacti, my favorite ‘trees’ after Joshua trees. And zero neighbors. 

Of course, the reason for having zero neighbors was that one is not supposed to camp outside the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. Somehow, I drove right past the sign saying ‘NO CAMPING BEYOND THIS POINT’ and completely missed it. So we camped here for a blissful week without knowing we were illegal. Then, unfortunately, I had to go to town for groceries, and on the way back, I saw the sign. <sigh>.

Our closest neighbor...

View from our front yard