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Pagosa Springs

After our sojourn in Canyons of the Ancients NM, we soldiered on through Colorado en route to Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument. On the way, we stopped in the National Forest near Pagosa Spgs. After months and months in the desert, the beauty of a green Colorado mountain spring was amazing.

This is our camping spot near Pagosa Springs. Seriously…how does it get any better than this? It’s about 70 degrees today, and will be 70 degrees tomorrow as well. We fought our way over a string of deep chasms and dried mud OHV tracks (it might have been a road) and pulled off into this gorgeous meadow.

And this is my front yard looking the other direction.

This light is beautiful. The whole road is beautiful.

This little ranchlet was a the bottom of a hill on one of the USFS roads. I wouldn’t complain about owning this!!