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Wynword Press loves deep literature!   We focus on a few, high-quality titles rather than diffusing our efforts across many titles.  Each title is a book we truly believe in...each of our books has something to offer in addition to a good read.  Whether it's from a best-selling author or a relative unknown, you'll find something here to inspire you, grow you and entertain you.

It's almost as if we had never stopped...

We left off our journey in Colorado in July because the Vagabond Tourist got sick and had to flee for home. Or be rescued by someone else who fled for home.

But now, we are back on the road, and back in Colorado, in fact, with a resplendent new paint job making our flamingos lovelier than ever. The aborted trip to Rocky Mountain National Park is happening at last, just a couple of months later than planned. It is very early in October, and the aspens are all golden. It’s a perfect time to visit the park. On the way to the park, we paused outside Steamboat Springs to soak up another glorious Colorado view. Then we stayed west of the park in the National Forest for a night.

Outside Steamboat Springs 10-19.jpg