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Here’s something else I found near the Chocolate Mountains. If this looks like a picture of the ground, that is because it IS a picture of the ground. There are two large, fenced areas with signs outside explaining that they are rare geoglyphs. I spent a lot of time walking around the fences trying to tell the difference between the geoglyphs and normal desert landscape, and was never quite sure I had done it. I thoughtfully took many pictures in hopes that the glyphs would be more obvious in the photos than in real life. Alas. They aren't. However, the BLM assures all of us that the glyphs are there.

I finally decided that these straight lines must be part of a geoglyph. I can’t make out what the glyph is depicting, but this looks too straight to be natural.

Here are some zig-zag lines that I also concluded must be part of a glyph.

And here is the sign proving that there are, in fact, geoglyphs here.