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New Years Day (imaginary football)

We had an amazing New Years Day. My original plan was to uphold the great American tradition of watching football all day. Since I don’t have a TV set, I thought perhaps I might induce my neighbors to participate in a game of ‘skins vs. shirts’ whilst I sat on the sidelines documenting the action. I got up (briefly) to go out and start knocking on doors, but at that moment I realized that we probably had enough rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago between the all of us to disable the entire Chinese army, and it would be more in keeping with the couch-potato nature of the day not to actually DO anything.  Instead, I decided to enjoy a long afternoon of watching imaginary football.  Unfortunately, just after kickoff on the first game, I fell asleep and napped the entire day away. I don’t even remember who was playing. :(

Here are my neighbors: