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The incredible vanishing lake(s)

OK, I know these pictures are nothing special, but I simply HAD to post them, just to prove that the cascade lakes do exist. It took me an hour to find a lake even though I was basically right on top of it the whole time. Consulting the map, you see that the road goes right beside one of them, but in fact you cannot see even the tiniest glimpse of water from the road. Nor is there a sign to be found anywhere. So I just started driving up every gravel road I came to until, finally, I encountered the lake. Was it worth all that effort? Not really. 

It appears that a Viking funeral might be taking place on the shore in the background. Of course, I did not SEE a body, but what other reason could there be for lighting a fire by the lake?

I only posted this because it is abstract-looking...two skies?