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Sevier Desert, Nowhere, UT

After a few highly productive days in the Uinta NF, we came south on UT 36 until we reached US 50, then headed west on US 50. There are vast miles of seemingly useless land in western UT, and it turns out that much of it is owned by the Bureau of Land Management. That is just peachy with me. I love BLM land. You can camp anywhere you can drive, basically, for 14 days for $0. That is a price I can afford on my new, post-career budget of ....well, nothing. We also found a place in Delta, UT, to perform regular sewage management functions (i.e., dump our waste tanks) for FREEEEE!!!!!!!! What could be better?

From the highway, about midway between Delta and Nevada, you can see vast, flat, white areas that look like water until you get close to them. Then they stop looking like water and look like off-white dirt. These are dry lake beds. There is an enormous one called Sevier Lake (which contains no water) along US 50. We found a nice place to stay close to a lake bed...I'm not sure it was the Sevier lake bed, which we had already passed, but it was some sort of lake bed. We again went mountain triking, and here is what the lake bed looks like up close.

Dry lake bed somewhere in western Utah

View from our front yard near the dry lakebed

This is where we stayed near the lake bed from a vantage point about a mile away on one of our triking expeditions. You can see that the neighborhood is sparsely occupied.