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LTVA Imperial Dam

After we'd been in Quartzite for a month, we moved to the LTVA near Imperial Dam so that we would be closer to Yuma.  This place is absolutely jam-packed. It's like a city of RV's. There are even concerts on Sundays, not to mention other gatherings, all of which I avoid like the plague. 

The great part about this LTVA is that there are a number of places to ride your bike if you're interested in exploring. The roads are all unpaved, of course, which makes it a little challenging trying to get up the steeper hills, but my Assoc. Navigator and I have triked/run around on miles of roads. Add to the plethora of desert roads the fact that it is pushing 80 degrees here, and you have a pretty darn great place to stay if you can ignore all the crowds. So I pretend that I am in an RV park, because if this were an RV park, the spaces would be huge. 

For those who are tired of sunset pictures, I must point out that the photos  below are not sunset pictures, but sunRISE pictures.

This is part of the (unlabeled) lake behind the dam across Senator Wash. 

This is Squaw lake, below the dam. you can see that in places where there is no water, there is almost nothing but bare rock. It's a lot like riding around on the moon.