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The Superbowel - Go Fishmongers!!

Wow!  What a game!!!  

As we all know, yesterday was Superbowel Sunday. As discussed in a previous post, I couldn't watch the actual game due to not having a TV, but I watched a riveting game of imaginary football wherein the Seattle Fishmongers trounced the Jacksonville Cinderblocks 30-24. 

The truly amazing thing about this game was that every single point scored by both teams was the result of a safety. That’s right…not a single point was scored by either offense. They totally phoned it in. The Cinderblocks, in particular, showed an alarming tendency to sit around on the field like piles of bricks.

I was rooting for the Fishmongers, so I celebrated their victory with this, an ice-cold glass of pasteurized, homogenized Vitamin D milk. There was chocolate cake, too, but it was really all about the milk.