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Always Trying to Capture it on Film, and now, SUCCESS!!!

One of the things I love to look at is clouds that sit below the tops of mountains. I don’t know how many pictures I have taken trying to capture the feeling of clouds drifting at the foot of a mountain (as opposed to being up in the sky where they belong), and the photos usually come out looking like dim mountains partially obscured by overcast skies. Here in the Prescott National Forest at one of my prettier campsites, though, I finally got a decent shot of clouds below the mountains. And to make the whole day even better, I also saw a rainbow, and got a decent shot of that as well. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

It is quite true, as the purists among you may be tempted to point out, that I did not actually capture these images on film because I am not using any film. Thank you, Captain and Ms. Obvious. Can we just enjoy the moment without chopping logic?