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Pictures of something besides nature

I actually don’t care the least little bit about pictures of anything but nature, but to provide some light relief, here are a couple.

So here is my house. As you can see, I’ve beat it up pretty badly. In the lower right corner is my co-pilot, Mason, and barely visible behind her is the cat, whom I can’t train to do a blessed thing but jump in my lap when I’m trying to knit or blog or eat or, really, anything that would cause maximum inconvenience.

And here is my trike. I ride this all sorts of places that people don’t generally ride trikes, or, for that matter, anything without a motor. I know people go mountain biking on these trails because I see the occasional tire track. The only actual human beings I see, though, are the ones riding OHVs, ATVs or motorcycles. They sometimes stop to ask me if I’m all right (which is very nice of them) because they can’t imagine what I might be doing out in the desert (or forest) miles from the nearest outpost of civilization. It seems inconceivable that anyone would choose to ride 15 or 20 miles on a trike. Although people do it all the time. Maybe it is because I am old and should be sitting in front of a homey fire eating bon-bons or knitting tea-cozies or something.